BEAK manufactures and supports an extensive range of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for both domestic and global applications. 
Equipment manufactured and supported by BEAK GSE includes: 
  • Aviation ground power units (GPU) 
  • Repair and replacement of 400Hz GPU cables and plugs 
  • Resistive load banks 
  • GPU cable handling systems 
  • Helicopter ground handling systems 
Experience the difference that Australian designed and built equipment offers. 
Ground Power Units (GPU) 
BEAK is proud to be the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of 100% Australian designed and built aviation ground power equipment. We manufacture fully optioned diesel AC with optional DC TRU ground power units (power carts) built to exacting military standards and known for their reliability, durability, longevity, robustness, efficiency and ease of use.  
Of the 350+ units sold over 15 years, 98% are still in service which is why BEAK is the preferred choice of the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces. 
Any wonder that our GPUs have a well earned reputation for superior quality, performance and high reliability that is acknowledged by QANTAS, Boeing, Emirates, Alliance, Cobham, Jetstar and Malaysia Airlines. Our GPU's are operating in the world's most extreme environments from Antarctica to the deserts of the Middle East. BEAK GPU’s use our Australian designed and built 32 pole alternators which deliver significant operational benefits, allowing the engines to run at 1,500 RPM which delivers lower lifecycle costs and an increased operating lifecycle. 
BEAK is the design and repair authority for all previous Dytecna Pacific and APM GPU's worldwide, providing complete through life support including parts, servicing and design upgrades .