The Power Skate has been developed to provide the aviation industry with a low cost cable handling solution to significantly reduce cable handling injuries and extend cable life. Featuring configurable mounting arrangements the Power Skate is easy to install and easy to use. 
Why Beak? 
Beak is has been working in the area of aviation for 15 years. Beak has designed its Power Skate to reduce the operational OH&S issues and cost for the operator. Our design principles consider electrical performance and provide safe transfer of output electrical power from the static inverter to the aircraft. Our capabilities are supported by a robust certified quality 
system and commitment to customer 
satisfaction. Our ground support equipment program has been developed over the past 15 years based on feedback from our customers and lessons learnt.
Power Skate
Low Rolling Resistance 
Multiple Braking Points 
Cable Protection 
Output Plug Holster 
Configurable Mounting 
Accepts Any GPU Lead 
Easy Installation 
High Visibility Flags 
Reflective Decals for Night Operations 
Custom lengths available to carry longer cables 
Can carry dual cables. 
Cable Tray (optional) 
Safety Lights (optional) 
Control Box (optional)