90kVA Ground Power Unit
Part No. BGF-01-00-00021-A
Military Tarmac, 400Hz + 28VDC Ground Power Unit
A Ground Power Unit designed for the modern military and civilian fixed and rotary wing aircraft that requires high quality 90kVA 400Hz or 28V DC power. This model features a fuel endurance of 15 hours at continuous full load and is ideal for servicing a wide variety of small to medium aircraft.
  • Dual Output 
  • Multi-Fuel 
  • Quiet 
  • Efficient 
  • Low IR Signature 
  • Reliable
DIESEL:   Deutz 6 cylinder
Turbocharged and
Intercooled - BF6M1013E
Engine power:   1 16kW at 1500 rpm continuous
122 kW intermittent at 50oC
Electrical system:   24V DC nominal
Starter:   24V with protection relay
Alternator:   24V DC, 50A
Air cleaner:   Disposable dry type
Governor:   Electronic, Direct actuator
Fuel tanks:   Two, each 150 litres
Consumption:   19 litres per hour (typ.) at
rated 90kVA 0.8PF AC
Noise level:   85dBA @ 1metre (at full load)
ALTERNATOR:   Aluminium Body, Brushless 32-pole,
 salient rotor, drip proof, forced cooled
Output Voltage:   200/115V 400Hz 3-phase 4-wire
Output Current:   260 Amps nominal
Rating:   90kVA @ 0.8PF AC continuous,
125kVA intermittent at an ambient
 temperature of 50oC
Transient:   0 to 90kVA-step load capable,
well within MIL STD 704E
Insulation:   H (125oC allowable rise) with
B rise (80oC nominal) at 50oC ambient
Excitation:   4.0A nominal (90kVA @ 0.8PF),
6A maximum capability
Physical Output :   4x70mm2 complete with standard
aircraft plug plus 2x120mm2 with
standard 28V DC plug.
TRU:   800Amps Continuous, 2000Amps
TRAILER:   4 wheel, front wheels steered by
Canopy:   Aluminium clad, Aluminium door
frames and Aluminium doors.
Suspension:   Leaf springs front and rear
Steering:   Ackerman front end, custom
steering linkage to drawbar
Tyres:   7.50 R16 (Land Rover rims)
Handbrake:   Operates on rear drums
Gross weight:   3,190 kg, (2,890 kg dry)
Dimensions:   1800H x 2000W x 3350L
Ground Clearance:   330mm
Towing:   76 mm lunette eye, 40 km/h maximum
Air transport:   Tie downs provided on body (x 4), and
on axles (x 4)
Road transport:   Tray or semi using tie downs provided
on axles (x 4) only
Forklift:   Two 238 x 88 mm aperture provisions for
150 mm forks
Finish:   Powder coated Chassis Two pack canopy in
customer specified colour scheme and decals