BEAK Engineering Pty Ltd provides a range of product support services to Australian and international defence and security organisations.  
We specialise in the maintenance and repair of helicopter landing and recovery equipment used on warships and helicopters and our expertise in through life maintenance, repair and overhaul support is also applied to a broad range of ship board equipment that includes, but is not limited to, the following:  
  • Helicopter Recovery Assist Secure & Traverse (RAST) System  
  • Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure & Traverse System (ASIST)  
  • Horizon Reference Systems (HRS)  
  • Stabilised Glide Slope Indicator (SGSI) Systems  
  • Infrared Suppression Systems (IRSS)  
  • Aircraft Securing Components Propulsion Systems  
  • RAST Operator Training for RAN personnel  
  • Telecommunications Systems 
  • Lifting & Shifting Equipment  
  • Marine Hangar Doors  
  • Maritime Visual Landing Aids  
  • Waste Management  
  • Safety Systems  
  • Helicopter Hangar Cranes  
  • Fuel Oil Transfer (FOT) & Fuel Oil Booster (FOB) Pumps for ANZAC Frigates  
BEAK ENGINEERING’s technicians are the most competent and experienced personnel in their area of expertise in Australia and their responsiveness and versatility ensures that technical support and maintenance can be undertaken in-house, remotely or in situ anywhere in the world.  
We can also provide:  
  • Testing and Certification  
  • Site Work  
  • Set to Work  
  • Project Management Support  
  • System Engineering Support  
  • Spares Support (Inventory Management)  
  • Marine Aviation Certification  
Beak Engineering Department Capabilities 
Beak’s engineering team are professional engineers with over 60 years’ experience in the engineering field. They bring skills from the oil & gas, automotive, mining, rail, power generation and aviation industries. This broad range of skills allow Beak to ensure designs are robust, safe, user friendly and meet the high demands of the aviation industry.  
Beak’s engineering department specialise in both mechanical and electrical design using the latest CAE software. This allows our experienced engineers to fully model and analyse systems, structures and designs, allowing rapid prototyping of products.  
Beak’s engineering team design to multiple global industry standards such as AS/NZS, BSEN, ISO, IATA, IEEC and many more.  
Engineering capabilities include:  
  • Electrical System Design  
  • Electronic System Design  
  • Mechanical Design  
  • Structural Steel Design  
  • 3D Parametric Modelling  
  • Finite Element Analysis  
  • Dynamic Simulation  
Engineering Memberships and Accreditation
Engineers Australia Professional Member
TWI (UK) Professional Member
Engineering Council (UK) Chartered Engineering Status