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G20 90kVA GPU
A Ground Power Unit designed for the modern large airliner. Designed specifically for the Airbus A380 and Boeing B787, it’s on board fuel capacity gives an endurance of 10 hours at full load whilst the generator supplies 180kVA power at unity power factor (225kVA @ 0.8 power factor). Download PDF
G19 90kVA GPU Dual Output
A Ground Power Unit designed for the modern military and civilian fixed and rotary wing aircraft that requires high quality 90kVA 400Hz or 28V DC power. This model features a fuel endurance of 15 hours at continuous full load and is ideal for servicing a wide variety of small to medium aircraft. Download PDF
H02 21kW Load Bank
21.5 kW, 3/1-phase, 50Hz Mobile, Resistive Load Bank. Download PDF
H03 81 kW, 400Hz Load Bank
81 kW, 400Hz Mobile Resistive Load Bank Specifications. Download PDF
Curtiss-Wright Indal Aircraft Handling Systems

Curtiss-Wright Indal is proud to have significant content on every U.S. Navy submarine and aircraft carrier. Our technology provides pumping, power, and propulsion for the most advanced submarines and aircraft carriers. Our shipboard helicopter-handling and storage systems enable the deployment of rotor-wing platforms in the harshest sea conditions. Our broad range of naval platform solutions also includes instrumentation & control systems and auxiliary systems.